Slaughtergarde 4e

Part 13 - A Divine Victory

When Justinian’s warhammer crashed against the fiendish spiders leg a sickening crunch could be heard. It was music to his ears and he knew his goddess was looking down on him with a smile. A divine glow washed over Justinian and he knew the next shot would be the one to bring this creature down. The spider lost its balance and was now unsteady with one useless leg. Quickly a killing blow was landed to the aberration as the warhammer made one last final strike where its stinger was attached. The warhammer hit it squarely, ripping it from the demonic creature. Stepping back Justinian nearly wretched as a horrid substance began spilling out from where the stinger once was.

Grigori had taken the brunt of the spiders attacks and he would not have had it any other way. The spots where the foul beast had landed its stinger still throbbed with some pain but he was managing it. The last wolf spider leaped at him and he let it impale itself on his sword. He flung it away in disgust and let its carcass land in a dark corner of the room.

Hap continued to torch the floor and remove the webs that had vexed them in combat. With a little luck this revealed a few items, a helm, boots and a pair of gloves. Hap quickly realized that since the boots and the gloves did not burn that there must be something special to them.

Grigori and Justinian now turned their gaze on the statue. Fine gems, armor, and silver bracers were at the altar just before the statue. Grigori reached for them but as soon as he touched one it turned to dust.

Then the oracle spoke, “Pay homage to Xu-tahn Laa for foresight, or face the future without knowledge.”

Quickly they all realized that some sort of offering should be laid on the altar in order to gain information. Hap looked through some things they had acquired and came up with some silver eating utensils worth about 50gp and placed them on the altar. A greenish glow passed over the utensils and Hap felt a strange sensation right where his newly acquired tattoo was.

Again the oracle spoke, “You have been honored by Xu-Tahn Laa, you are offered more in return for your loyalty.”

In quick succession three pieces of information were imparted to the companions.

“The Regalia of the Screaming Sorcerer will one day be reunited, but only after his scepter is retrieved from the depths of the Vaathwood and his Emerald Crown is taken back from the Ethnari.”

“Make sure that the Demonbane sword stays entombed. If it sees the light of day the champion who carries it will be a piercing light against the new darkness.”

“Only one more obelisk must fall and then the doorway to our home beneath the mark left by the dread mountain will be free to regain its power.”

Their minds raced.

The Emerald Crown was mentioned by Lanthurrae as she berated her attackers, “You fools! Whatever cause you fight for is lost! The drow raiders of Karkan-Amon will be here within the next day. You have no hope of stopping us. For the glory of Lloth, the Emerald Crown will return to the rightful heirs of Illsha’s Throne, and allied with Kuthrakka we will cover this valley in darkness!”

The drow were planning a raid on the Ethnari. Could that be specifically to get the Emerald Crown? And what about the scepter? This was the first they had heard of it but the fact that it was in the Vaathwood, Grigori’s home, and that Grigori had never heard of it before, made it a mystery.

The Demonbane Sword was a new revelation. Where was it entombed? The oracle prophesized it as a piercing light against the new darkness. Something evil does not want this sword to see the light of day again.

The obelisks were something they already knew about. Yet, the fact that only one more needs to fall puts the urgency of what is going on in perspective.



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