Slaughtergarde 4e

Part 15 - Google for Demons

Mallik was long gone, the group was almost certain of it. So they decided that it was time to tie up some loose ends within this section of Slaughtergarde.

Retracing their steps they went through a fiery demon arch and discovered a library of sorts. It had been heavily ransacked and most of the papers and scrolls scattered about the room were indecipherable. Justinian picked up several scrolls but couldn’t make heads or tails of them, the abyssal language was not something he readily wanted to study.

Hap grabbed Justinian’s arm so that he could take a look at the papers. His newfound ability to read abyssal was showing itself to be extremely useful.

As Hap read he found that this piece of paper referred to orders given to destroy a hero named Parathane. Parathane was the owner of a sword named Silversteel and he had used this sword to strike down several demons. The orders are noted as incomplete by a group known as the Darkhorn Sentinels. They claim that Parathane was killed deep under Castle Syrgref but the sword Silversteel was not destroyed and was not recovered.

Against the west wall a decidedly sinister and very large ornate chair beckoned to Hap. And he gladly took a seat. The site of him in the chair was almost comical. In fact he needed to stand up to properly to see the lectern in front of him. An idea crept into his head, not of his own choosing or intelligence but it was a feeling. He called out in the abyssal language, asking for information on the demonbane sword that the oracle talked about. A whirlwind kicked up in the room and papers began to fly everywhere. The paper that was in Justinians hands got caught up in the whirlwind and landed right on the lectern in front of Hap. They now knew where the sword was and the fear of it resurfacing according to the demonic oracle was real.

Hap realizing the potential knowledge at his fingertips began throwing out questions. “Where is the regalia of the Screaming Sorcerer?” In front of him landed a scroll that had an accounting of the whereabouts of the scepter and the emeralds of the screaming sorcerer. They had been split apart after his defeat. The emeralds were set within a crown and given to an elven paladin of the Ethnari. The scepter was taken by an eladrin grigori who turned it over to the head of his noble family. Its power however was corrupting and set kin versus kin. The eladrin of this house soon disappeared from both the material world and the feywild after they rebelled against the Vaathwood forest kingdom. No one knows exactly what happened to them. The only thing that remains of the rebel eladrin is the ruins of Kingspire.

Justinian practically spat out the name, “What about Kuthrakka?”

Hap intoned the name with abyssal words and felt repulsion. The repulsion was not his own, it had more of an external nature to it. The whirlwind that ripped through the room was more violent than the previous ones. The papers that landed in front of Hap were heavily damaged and some were completely unreadable. As he read through them Kuthrakka was a demon whose orders were to infiltrate and deceive. He was to weaken the unity of the valley before Xu-tahn Laa transported his mountain from the abyss to this plane. A success is noted in that some of the humans from the Surrinak family had joined Xu-tahn Laa’s cause. A final note on Kuthrakka states that the demon does not feel he is being rewarded enough.

When the Tomb of Forbidden Stars is asked for Hap receives some information that states the tome helps determine when the stars are in proper alignment for abyssal energies.

The Sigils that are used on the gates are a focus for the abyssal energies and allows them to open briefly at times to bridge the planes.

Goramnus was the arbiter, executioner and harvester of souls. He was a demon revered for his emotionless devotion to demonic judgment.



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