Slaughtergarde 4e

Part 12 - Mallik and the Drow

The group has made it way through most of the Slaughtergarde Temple at this point. They have come across an imp requesting a magical sword it says it wants to use for its escape and Hap has had his skin turn red, has grown horns and can speak abyssal (he also has a demonic tattto). In addition he has contracted a curse from some foul baptismal waters. On a wall around the middle of the temple complex the party has uncovered a plot by drow raiders to attack the elven forest to the south. Further in the group ambushes gnolls who are from the same band that attacked Kel’s Rise six months ago.

Finally, Hap, Justinian and Grigori find themselves disabling a fiery arch and walking down a set of stairs to find Mallik talking to a drow in front of a demonic altar set in the corner of the room.

Lanthurrae looked over her shoulder towards the south passageway. The fiery arch had been disabled and she was slightly confused by this. Mallik walked out of the eastern corridor. “Still struggling with the final altar, Lanthurrae?” Mallik gave a charming crooked smile to her. “Yes,” she said rather emotionlessly. The goblin next to her was handing her some sort of component to possibly try next on the altar. “And is the sigil from the gate removed yet?” “I’m almost there. You can tell Hetfang that he should be ready to leave soon,” Mallik turned his gaze to the south as he heard the footfalls. Grigori and Justinian were now in view at the bottom of the stairs. Lanthurrae, her goblin servant and Mallik could all be seen near the northeast altar in the room. The other three corners of the room are occupied by a similar raised dais and an altar with a crone statue in various poses.

“WHAT? YOU?!” exclaims Mallik. “I told you we should have killed them while we were in Sumberton,” his hand begins to reach for the short sword at his side. The goblin next to Lanthurrae hisses loudly.

“That may have been so. But they served their purpose and now Ellistan is sufficiently paranoid. Mallik, quickly, get the sigil and take flight to the gnolls,” Lanthurrae forcefully points to the eastern corridor. “It seems these Luminous Order lackeys need to be dealt with now or the plans so carefully laid will be lost.”

When the fight is over, Lanthurrae has escaped down a deep passageway. Hap gave chase but the drow was too fast and her elven stride too long for Hap to keep up with. Mallik has fled down the east corridor. Justinian and Grigori tried desperately to deal with him but the lolthbound goblin and the multitude of spiders kept them occupied enough so they couldn’t give chase.



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