Slaughtergarde 4e

Part 9 - Tordell and Naryalla

Sir Tordell walks over to Naryalla, "This is not a matter that the Ebon Cabal needs to concern itself with."

"As a concerned citizen of Sumberton I am curious about the state of the city and it looks as if … I should be concerned."

"Your kind …" Sir Tordell started and then was quickly cut off by Naryalla.

"My kind prevented a large loss of life at Andrushel … where was the Luminous Order when the dragons attacked? Who was the first one to bring attention to the fact that several of the obelisks had been attacked? It may be best that you allow the Ebon Cabal to help, sir, rather than spitting venom at our mere appearance."

Sir Tordell stood his ground and would not be flustered, "Your interference may be more trouble than it is worth. I do recall that the Ebon Cabal was more interested in the dead dragon than in helping the people at Andrushel. And you were nowhere to be found when the gnolls were attacking Kel's Rise. You are a selfish lot and I will not take you for anything else."

"Your words are so hurtful good knight," her words slithered with sarcasm. "The fact remains you may still need us … we have … knowledge and connections that could be useful in the future. The choice is yours, sir, either way the Ebon Cabal has a stake in what transpires in the valley."




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