Classes of the Valley

Barbarian: There are no native barbarian tribes in the valley. However, barbarians do wander in to the valley for trade.  They come most often from the northern lands.  Not much is known of these people except that some say that the humans in the valley are decedents of a once great tribe from the north.

Druid: While the Valley of Obelisks is known as an agricultural region, much of its land has never felt the touch of a plow. But that doesn't mean such land isn't tended, for druids watch over the valley's wild places.

Cleric: Religion has played a large part in the valley's history and clerics of many non-evil faiths are common and tolerated.  The three most worshipped gods are Bahamut, Kord and Pelor.

Fighter:  The Valley of Obelisks might be at peace but it is far from peaceful. A strong sword arm is always an asset and skill with a blade highly prized.

Paladin:  Evildoers like to lurk on civilization's frontier, so who better than a paladin to make sure the Valley of Obelisks remains safe?

Ranger: A ranger's place is out on the frontier, and the Valley of Obelisks offers plenty of challenges on the edge of civilization.

Rogue: With so many communities and ways of life in the valley, it's easy for a rogue to make a mark or to blend in unobtrusively.

Sorcerer: The raw arcane power of the sorcerer can manifest without warning so members of this class are found through out the Valley of Obelisks.

Warlock: Uncommon and looked on with a sense of dread and disdain, warlocks tread lightly in the valley.  However, with the Ebon Cabal they have powerful allies and a reason for being in the region.

Warlord: Leaders of local militias, commanders of the kings troops and frontier marshals are needed throughout the valley as threats present themselves on a regular basis.

Wizards: Wizards are not a common sight in the Valley of Obelisks. Yet the draw of the Ebon Cabal and the interest in the lost knowledge of the once resplendent dwarven kingdom do intrigue enough wizards to make their way to these lands.

Classes of the Valley

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