Races of the Valley

Dwarf – Dwarves once ruled the valley but were scattered to small mountain strongholds long ago when they tried to fight off a barbaric invasion but lost.

Eladrin – (Come from Vaathwood) The Eladrin were once elves but in their fear of being overrun by demonic forces long ago they figured out a way to tap into the feywild and transport their whole community to it.  However, the magic was not strong enough to keep them there permanently.  Now they straddle the feywild and the prime material plane.  They are considered a bit too detached from events in the valley and their decisions take too long for most of the other communities to keep regular contacts with them.  However, recent threats to the Vaathwood have pushed the Eladrin to begin to pursue more urgent contact with the surrounding communities.

Elf – (Come from the Forest of Althaea) Once the forest here covered the whole eastern half of the valley.  The human settlers fought the elves for many years and took much of their woodlands.  That is why the elves remain cool to human contact but since the humans have become more civilized the elves are finding it easier to interact with them.

Halfling – As far as can be remembered the Halflings have always been a part of the valley and the river.  Always keeping a low profile the Halflings have made great merchants and peacemakers between the other races. 

Half-Elf – Most of the half-elves in the valley are of Turlek descent.  The Shul Turlek elves lost their forest to trolls 400 years ago and have intermixed with the human population since then.

Human – Humans settled this area long ago and quickly became one of the more dominant races.  The first place settled was the area around Sumberton.  Rumor has it that the city was named after the leader of the first human settlers in the area.

Tiefling - The Tieflings are a relatively new race to the valley.  They are reluctantly accepted but mainly they are a scorned people.  Most believe they are cursed race and that is not far from the truth.  Almost all Tieflings know their races history but getting others to accept that history without prejudice is never easy.

Races of the Valley

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