Religions of the Valley

The gods worshipped in this campaign are the default gods of 4th edition.  Some have greater influence in the valley than others but all are represented.

    Pelor is the main god worshiped in the valley. Large temples dominate both Sumberton and Sekletir and a smaller temple resides at Tulvercross. Pelor also has a shrine in Fallcrest and Hammerhall.

   Avandra has a good presence in Sumberton, Narell and Fallcrest because of the larger concentrations of halflings along the Marrilach river. 

   At the Shining Citadel, the Luminous Order pays tribute to the Triumvirate of Bahamut, Kord and Pelor.  The three are represented in the short prayer "For honor, for light and for battle." They are known as the Shining Lords, and each has a branch of knighthood dedicated to them.

   Bahamut is also greatly revered in Hammerhall and Castle Pendrant.

   Kord is represented at the fringes of the valley at Hammerhall, Kel's Rise and Corwall.

   Corellon is worshiped mainly by the Eladrin of Vaathwood though there are some Elves of Ethnari, that pay homage to him, especially in their fight against the drow. 

   Melora and Sehanine are the main deities of the Ethnari.  Called the Two Sisters the elves strive to balance their views.  The Eladrin do not look to Sehanine much but there are a number of them who follow Melora's tenants.

   The worship of Erathis is mainly found at Castle Pendrant but a small shrine can be found in Sumberton.

    Ioun has a temple in Sumberton and at the Black Tower of the Ebon Cabal and a small shrine at the Shining Citadel. 

    Moradin is worshiped at Hammerhall and has a small temple in Sumberton and a shrine at Kel's Rise and Corwall. 

   The Raven Queen has a shrine in Sumberton but other than that her priests tend to keep to themselves and only come out during funerals. They also tend to be move visible during the winter months.

Religions of the Valley

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