Threats to the Valley

Recently small groups of humanoids have, from time to time, been able to sneak into the valley from beyond the Blackreach Mountains and harass the lands within.

   A large tribe of gnolls laid siege to the community of Kel's Rise in the eastern foothills within the past six months and a year ago a flight of dragons demolished the Keep of Andrushel in the northeast.

   In the south is a persistent threat known as the Slaughterscar.  In times long past a great battle took place there and a mountain was destroyed.  What was left is a piece of land that shifts in strange and unpredictable ways. It also produces undead and other strange abominations known as Scarspawn.

   The rest of the Blackreach Mountains that surround the valley harbor other creatures both fantastic and terrifying.  The lands beyond the mountains to the north and east are uncivilized.

Threats to the Valley

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